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Every step saves a life

t was night, and Lucienne M’Maroyi was home alone with her two children when a group of armed men carrying flashlights suddenly burst into her house and dragged M’Maroyi violently away.

| Scene Online Editor

Creative party ideas

Are you tired of going to the same old ’80s nights and toga parties each weekend? Does the phrase “dress in your finest” no longer excite you? Don’t blame your lack of creative party ideas on the fact that they’ve all been used up, because that’s simply not true! There are plenty of unique ideas […]

| Scene Online Editor

Painting on the Loop

Nestled within the hustle and bustle of the Delmar Loop is a recently opened shop that sparks creativity and imagination in all who go through its doors. Your Pot’s Desire is a place where one can choose any form of pottery available, whether a ceramic animal or a plate, paint it and then have it […]

| Scene Online Editor

Staying fit on campus

Due to the wide variety of deliciously unhealthy food available on campus at any time of the day or night, the Freshman 15 is a big concern for many students; here are some tips to avoid gaining weight during your freshman year.

| Scene Online Editor

Stepping into the spotlight

When you think of dance, you may think of ballroom, salsa or even hip-hop. While it may not be as well known as other types, step, a form of performing that includes stomping, clapping and making noise on the body to create a beat, has quietly been on the rise at Washington University through the non-Greek step team, WUStyle.

| Online Editor

SLAMin’ entertainment

Imagine a crowd of people gathered before you, their faces turned in interest as they wait for what you have to say. Anything you desire to communicate can be put out for all to hear, whether a serious issue regarding world affairs or simply a humorous story you wish to tell. The floor is yours […]

| Scene Reporter

Constructing the upside

Dirt piles, cranes and orange fencing—for students at Washington University, these sites are all too familiar thanks to the large construction projects taking over the South 40. But before you roll your eyes and complain, think of all the upsides to construction!

| Scene Reporter

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