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Changes coming to 2016 SAT exam to have minimal effect on prospective students, according to admissions office

Changes are coming to the SAT—but not, it seems, to the Washington University admissions process. At the beginning of March, the College Board announced a variety of changes to the SAT as a response to criticisms from teachers, parents and students.

| Staff Reporter

SU Exec race sees renewed competition while class councils run unopposed

In stark contrast to last year’s ballot, this year the Student Union executive board is contested for all five positions. The competition is between the Elevate! slate led by junior and current Social Programming Board President, Emma Tyler, and the Connection slate, led by Junior Class Council President Will Rawls.

| Contributing Reporter

Top Portlandia Clips from Seasons 1-3

With Portlandia started back up, and midterms in full-force, now is a great time to reflect on some Portlandia favorites to relieve stress and laugh a bit. Here are some of my favorite clips: 1. Around the World in 80 Plates If Craig’s Crazy Guac Tac’s sound like something found in the DUC, you’re mistaken. […]

Mama’s Pot Roast funded for 15 percent of original appeal

When Mama’s Pot Roast came to Tuesday night’s Treasury meeting, they were hoping to receive $16,050 for two 20th anniversary shows, two workshops and an alumni networking session and panel.

| News Manager

Amendment passes to restrict Treasury seats by school

Despite the issues Senate has in filling all of its seats and the lack of candidates to run competitive Senate elections in the last few elections, Treasury passed an amendment Tuesday night to move closer toward the Senate model of seat allocation.

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Dining Services supports local dairy farmers

Less than an hour from campus, a farm in Trenton, Ill., will soon be the source of Washington University’s entire yogurt supply—if Bon Appetit Management Company, the supplier of food to Dining Services, gets its way.

| News Manager

Contracts being finalized to bring Starbucks to new b-school buildings

Some coffee cups on campus will soon be sporting a familiar green logo, pending final contracts being signed. An Aramark-operated Starbucks franchise is scheduled to open in the new business school buildings upon completion of Knight and Bauer Halls March 1.

| News Manager

Synapse plans to bring large AmeriBrain to campus

Students hoping to get a closer look within their own heads may have the opportunity to do so. Treasury voted 9-5-0 Tuesday evening to provide Synapse $7,500 to bring to campus a large inflatable brain that students can walk through.

| News Manager

Top 9 tweets from Halloween 2013:

Some believed the real “trick” was the student body: [tweet] [tweet] While others enjoyed their Halloween festivities: [tweet] #olin #wustl #Halloween — Vasily Kuznetsov (@DarkVasyaK) October 30, 2013 And of course, there numerous campus sightings of Pac-Man chased by a ghost: Why is there a ghost chasing pacman on washu campus? […]

Reddit co-founder discusses failures, encourages entrepreneurship

“Clearly none of you are sports fans. Well, you might be sports fans, but you have terrible priorities for being here.

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