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The do’s and don’ts of interacting with a grieving friend

Grief is a widely varied process, and everyone will react differently. That said, here are some tips on interacting with a grieving friend.

| Senior Forum Editor

WU-Slam’s Grand Slam — an untraditional yet unforgettable experience

WU-Slam’s atmospheric performance brought in-person slam poetry back to campus.

| Senior Forum Editor

Dear freshmen: College is overwhelming. It’s okay to take time to adjust

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Use this year to learn to adjust to change.

| Senior Forum Editor

Letter from the Forum editors

As the semester begins, here are some changes to the Forum section.

and | Senior Forum Editors

Behind the scenes with the architects of the East End

Arriving at the completed 570,000-square-foot landscape took years of planning, design and construction, about $360 million dollars and multiple teams of architects.

| Senior Editor

Why the 2,505 purple pinwheels around campus are important

While I was aware of the prevalence of sexual assault at college campuses across the country—Wash. U. included—the pinwheels brought a tangible image to the numbers. They also feel personal—they represent individuals on our campus, people we live with and have classes with and share a community space with.

| Senior Forum Editor

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