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Lab finds new link to blindness

A laboratory at the Washington University School of Medicine has linked mutation of a newly discovered gene to blindness.

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15 WU graduates embark on Fulbright

As a record number of freshmen flocked onto the Washington University campus this fall, fifteen graduates moved away from the United States, dispersing among different countries to address international challenges as a part of the Fulbright Scholar Program.

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Authorities crack down on unpaid internships

The number of unpaid internships has been rising steadily throughout the nation, resulting in a crackdown on firms by federal and state regulators who worry that employers are abusing the nature of unpaid internships to gain free labor.

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Gold Nanocages at forefront of modern cancer treatment

The push of a button launches a missile, which hones in on its final destination and, KA-BOOM, obliterates its target. While this image may remind you of modern warfare at the macroscopic scale, scientists have also applied this principle to combat cancer at the molecular level with gold nanocages attacking tumor cells.

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Iraqi war veteran Eric Greitens’ lecture inspires students to give back through public service

Social entrepreneur Eric Greitens inspired students to pursue public service through his lecture, “Inspiring Leadership in Challenging Times” on Tuesday, March 30. Greitens is more than a “social entrepreneur,” however—he is an Angier B. Duke Scholar, a Rhodes Scholar, a Truman Scholar, a U.S. Navy SEAL officer and the award-winning author of “Strength and Compassion” as well as a White House Fellow.

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Junior Jumpstart expanding beyond pre-health students

As students’ academic and career interests grow to be more diverse, Washington University has made upgrades to its career counseling program, Junior Jumpstart, in hopes of meeting students’ needs. Junior Jumpstart is a one-day conference for third-year students to explore their career interests after final exams in May.

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Did Yozamp’s ‘Jeopardy!’ win yield national publicity?

Tired of blank stares, desperate explanations and awkward silence when you tell others that you go to Washington University in St. Louis? Junior Nick Yozamp may be able to help. Since Yozamp defeated contestants from across the nation and won the championship of the college tournament on “Jeopardy!” on Feb. 10, he has been busy being interviewed by newspapers and TV shows.

| Staff Reporter

Cook, deliver and serve through Campus Kitchen

Bam! After baking eggplant parmesan, boiling greens and dicing melon, a group of Washington University students delivered food to The Shalom House—a special needs women’s shelter—and spent an afternoon eating and playing Jenga with the residents last Saturday. This event was not a one-day volunteering endeavor. On the contrary, the event marked the inauguration of the University’s newly founded chapter of Campus Kitchen.

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HIV infections age the brain abnormally, study finds

HIV infections can age the brain by up to 15 to 20 years, according to an article published in February in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

| Staff Reporter

Wash. U. whiz wins on ‘Jeopardy!’

Who is appearing on “Jeopardy!” Monday afternoon? Nick Yozamp, a junior biology major at Washington University. The pre-med is representing Washington University in “Jeopardy!”

| Staff Reporter

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