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‘Blue Valentine’ is not your ordinary love story

Though Derek Cianfrance has done commercial and documentary work along with a few films that succeeded at festivals, his first big critical darling Oscar contender is “Blue Valentine.” It is another love story but, from its conception, it was obvious that this would not be typical in any way.

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Video of the Week: Grape Lady

My soul rejoiced at watching the Grape Lady fall. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to plop yourself down in a chair and affix your eyes to the nearest computer. The Grape Lady has gathered millions upon millions of views since its original arrival onto the YouTube scene. With good reason, too.

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‘Echo’ | Leona Lewis

The opening track on exotic phenom Leona Lewis’ second album, “Echo,” is the first (and so far only) released single, “Happy.” But this go-round, she isn’t bleeding love like she was on her acclaimed debut. Maybe a better starter song would be titled “Melancholy.” Even the upbeat songs on the album are just hiding heartbreaking […]

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Oh my God, it’s almost 2010: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ moments

It seems as if this quickly ending decade has heard the words “America’s next top model is…” 92 times. In actuality, it is only the show’s 13th cycle that is about to have its finale Wednesday.

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Exploring the IMDb Bottom 100: ‘Glitter’

“Glitter” has a pretty respectable position on the IMDb Bottom 100. At No. 85, it’s sitting pretty, 16 spots from being off the list, among the likes of “Troll 2” (1990) and “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” (2009). If you don’t know the story of “Glitter,” I’m surprised.

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Vagina Panther | Vagina Panther

You were dead wrong when you were thinking that a vagina panther was a big cat.

| Cadenza Reporter

YouTube Video of the Week: ‘ATL Hoodrat aka SOULJA GIRL goes crazy on the Marta!’

There comes a time in every person’s life when we all just want to punch an old lady on a train.
OK, so maybe not all of us. But for those of us who do, there’s YouTube. The first in the Friday series of YouTube hilarity is “ATL Hoodrat aka SOULJA GIRL goes crazy on the Marta!”

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‘Cosmic Egg’ | Wolfmother

“Cosmic Egg” is the best album by Australian band Wolfmother. While it’s true that this is only the group’s second album, this is still saying something. Wolfmothers’ self-titled debut was a hit critically and commercially, going on to win a Grammy and a smorgasbord of other awards.

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W.I.L.D. fall 2009 opening act: Passion Pit

“Higher and higher and higher!” Michael Angelakos cheers on “Little Secrets,” the second song from Passion Pit’s debut album, “Manners.” This call to new heights is exactly in step with the band’s music as a whole. Angelakos’ voice pushes the stratosphere as the other four members keep the frenzy up, up, up with fast-fingered strums and dazzling synths.

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Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel | Mariah Carey

Rating: 4.5/5 For fans of: Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis, Alica Keys Tracks to download: ‘H.A.T.E. U.’, ‘Standing O’, ‘Angel’s Cry’ Catering to a society that has been criticized as having a collective attention span matching that of a boll weevil, the entertainment industry—particularly its branch of music—has produced a number of artists who are constantly […]

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