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It’s high time for legalization

The legalization of marijuana is an issue that has been gathering increasing attention on campus and across the nation. Washington University recently hosted a forum on the issue, featuring two-term former Republican Governor from New Mexico, Gary Johnson, known for his liberal use of the veto pen and courageous stance against the War on Drugs.

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More loans are not the answer

Amid the tumultuous debate of the health care reform bill, an important issue fell by the wayside. Since 1965, private banks have received subsidies from the federal government in order to support lending to students for higher education.

Guns and government

As of late, there have been several debates on campus concerning the topic of gun control. When approached with this topic, many stuffy professors like to drone on ad nauseam about court precedent. Others like to spew out endless series of statistics on crime rates and gun possession.

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In St. Louis County’s next election, a proposition will be on the ballot to impose a half-cent sales tax increase to fund expanded Metro services across the St. Louis area. Many members of the Washington University community have voiced strong support for this proposition and involved themselves in the effort to ensure its passage.

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Against global warming fanaticism

The enviro-fascists among us have cause for alarm. In recent media, story after story has been released about how global warming alarmists have exaggerated their claims, manipulated data, conspired to hide their methods from critical scientists and personally profited from their radical claims.

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The president who has it both ways

Who is President Barack Obama? Some characterize him as the champion of the Left. Others cast him as a shrewd moderate, cunningly attempting to implement practical policies that would work for America.

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In defense of Young Americans for Liberty

On Friday, Dec. 4, Sneha Thakur’s column, “Young Americans for Liberty: Too inflammatory to be persuasive,” grossly mischaracterized our organization in a way that demonstrated both her lack of research and her underlying bias. I hope that through this article I will be able to set the record straight about the purpose and accomplishments of the Young Americans for Liberty and to refute Thakur’s misleading, factually troubled piece.

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Hey! Feds! Get off of my cloud!

All over the country, legislatures have been passing resolutions that affirm their state’s sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. Since the beginning of 2009, such resolutions have been introduced in more than 35 states. Nearly half of those introduced go on to pass the legislature.

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Beware of the creature from Jekyll Island

In a previous article, I discussed the push to audit the Federal Reserve System. Since that time, Congress has made major progress in bringing about a transparent central bank. Now, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (H.R. 1207) has more than 300 co-sponsors in the House, and efforts have been made to gut the legislation and protect the central bank from any significant audit of its practices.

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A response to Peter Benson

You went on to refer to smokers as “diseased,” but the real disease here is not my pastime, but rather your ideology, which lowers every student in this University to the state of a peon incapable of making his own decisions correctly.

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