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Living inside the perimeter

When I signed up last March to live in my fraternity’s on-campus house, I could not have even imagined that I would be living through the 2016 presidential debate on campus. But in the first weeks of classes, news began to trickle in that Upper Row would be within the security perimeter.

| Forum Editor

Election issue profile: Economic growth

Economic growth. Perhaps the biggest buzzword in the 2016 presidential race. It influences everything from our personal political affiliations to America’s global interests, such as finding ways to keep manufacturing jobs on American soil and gaining access to rare Pokemon only available outside the U.S.

| Forum Editor

Point: Trigger warnings can do more harm than good

While UChicago’s blunder may loom over the university for years to come, their logic is not far off: the trigger warning tends to do more harm than good in the classroom.

| Forum Editor

The Invincible Ryan Lochte

The coverage of Ryan Lochte’s alleged robbery demonstrates the sheer scale of Lochte’s privilege as an American athlete.

| Forum Editor

A conversation with LouFest’s organizer

With LouFest on the horizon, Cadenza decided to get an inside scoop on the LouFest brand and how it has grown to become an integral part of the city’s music scene over the past seven years.

| Staff Reporter

Point: Wash. U. students need to step back, take care of themselves

Point: Wash. U. students don’t need to overburden themselves by taking too many credits; students need to find the right balance between academics, activities and sleep.

| Forum Editor

Cadenza’s ‘way too early’ LouFest predictions

I have examined major artists’ summer schedules and tried to pinpoint which artists the LouFest organizers will be able to target for their headlining sets. So without further ado, here are Cadenza’s “way too early” predictions for LouFest 2016.

| Staff Writer

The rise of streaming services and the fall of cable TV

More so today than ever before, media companies outside the bounds of cable TV are stepping up their game and producing widely popular, intriguing, critically acclaimed content.

| Forum Editor

Combatting the dark side of Uber

Let’s face it: whenever it’s time to go out to dinner in Central West End or head out for a night in St. Louis, you’re probably going to call an Uber. It’s a cheap, fast alternative to traditional local taxi companies..

| Staff Writer

The Donald: More than just fluff (contrary to his hair situation)

In case you haven’t heard, our own Washington University is hosting a presidential debate this fall. The event is big for Wash. U.; some would even say “yuge.” As such, Forum staff decided to profile five frontrunners for the nomination (and Jeb!). Today, we’re taking a look at the most entertaining show on earth: Donald Trump—will his toupee fall off or not?

| Staff Writer

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