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Op-ed: A letter from the undergraduate representatives to the board of trustees

When I first was asked to be an undergraduate student representative to the board of trustees, I was deeply humbled that my co-rep, Megan Wolf, and myself, were given the opportunity to positively affect the lives of our peers.

| Class of 2018

The economics behind WILD

With a huge budget increase, Social Programming Board had a fantastic opportunity to do something different and appeal to a larger majority of Wash. U. students. But, to the surprise of few, SPB did not capitalize on the opportunity.

| Staff Writer

Point: It’s time to trash Blackboard

As the outgoing senior Forum editor, I’ve got one more fight to pick. It’s something every student at Wash. U. has in common, and as you’ve probably noticed, our course management system is in pretty bad shape.

| Senior Forum Editor

The Solo cup dilemma

Last week, a group of undergraduate students announced that they would be piloting their recycling initiative on Fraternity Row. When you begin to dig into the issue (and live it firsthand), you realize that there is more to this dilemma than meets the eye.

| Senior Forum Editor

Profiling the upcoming mayoral election

In the next month, Forum will be profiling the upcoming mayoral race in St. Louis, the first election for the position in 16 years to not feature an incumbent. The new mayor will encounter an unprecedented amount of issues in our economically, racially and socially divided city, and we believe it is important to cover this election in these politically turbulent times.

| Senior Forum Editor

Counterpoint: Admissions volunteers cannot be paid

I have been working for the admissions office since my freshman year, starting as a prospective student host and a Bear Lunch Bunch guide, now a regular student presentation partner. I am not paid (or rewarded) for my work in presentations.

| Forum Editor

Candidate Profile: Donald Trump

Back in February, we were still in shock that Trump had won the New Hampshire primary…and now, 49 primaries later, the Donald has a chance of being our next president.

| Forum Editor

University should be aware of student needs despite construction

After 48 hours of festivities and opening ceremonies, the Gary M. Sumers Recreation Center has finally been christened as the newest building on Washington University’s campus. Tens of millions of dollars, two years of partial closures, a presidential debate and a few patched renovations later, the student body has been rewarded for their patience.

| Forum Editor

Election issue profile: Environmental issues

Somehow, we made it through debate season and barely touched one of the world’s most pressing issues: the environment! Without further ado, here is a look at the (in some cases, lack of) environmental policies of our presidential candidates.

| Forum Editor

Election issue profile: Foreign policy

See where Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson stand on foreign policy in advance of the election.

, and | Forum Writers

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