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Red Velvet Car | Heart

A lot of rockers are getting older, and you can tell. Not so with Heart and “Red Velvet Car.” Most of the songs on this album definitely do not feel like old Heart, as they decided to go with a folksier feel, but this is still Heart, and they still know how to rock.

| Cadenza Reporter

“Flower” review

Beautiful. Stunning. Emotional. There, I wish my review could be done. I am not lazy; it is just that that is the perfect description of the newest game from developer thatgamecompany.

| Cadenza Reporter

I always wear my hair like this

There are few things that get me riled up like thinking about the different types of role playing games.

| Cadenza Reporter

In defense of My Endless Love for the Disney Channel

So the title pulled you in, and I have just one favor to ask. Please just read this article. Yes, I am a guy; yes, I am in college; and yes, I watch the Disney Channel.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘Band Hero’

“Band Hero” is the latest musical game from Activision (makers of “Guitar Hero”). It is done in the “Rock Band” style, where up to four people can play any combination of drums, guitar, bass and singing.

| Cadenza Reporter

10 Must-Play Square Games

Square-Enix is a monolith of the Japanese game industry, best known for their mega-popular “Final Fantasy” and “Dragon Quest” series of role-playing games (or “RPGs”). Even before merging with Enix in 2003, Square was a force to be reckoned with.

| Video Game Reporter

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