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Hip hop against hunger

What does hip-hop have to do with increasing social awareness and alleviating hunger? A diverse group of Washington University students and campus groups will join together to answer this question during “Hip-Hop Against Hunger: A Week of Cultural and Social Awareness,” on Nov. 9-15.

| Senior Scene Editor

Stepping Out: Culpeppers

For college students, there are three important things to consider when eating out: how good the food is, how cheap it is and how much you can take back with you to put in your fridge.

| Senior Scene Editor

From fashionable to FAB

Looking at the class profiles for business schools across the country, it becomes quite obvious that the sector is mostly male. Indeed, the Olin Business School displays this trend with over 60 percent of its students being male. Leave it to the women at Washington University, however, to throw statistics aside and to ensure their representation at Olin.

| Senior Scene Editor

Mixing business with pleasure: The Movie Banter

In a world where practicality reigns over passion, it is often difficult to make time for our true hobbies. Guitar playing is sacrificed for economics studying, while running marathons is replaced by running psychology experiments. Washington University alum Matt Rosenberg, however, has found a creative way to balance a career in accounting with his love […]

| Senior Scene Editor

The Stories Project: Sharing stories across campus

Recognizing that students could be united in their personal experiences, senior De Nichols launched The Stories Project in 2007 as a way for students to share their stories.

| Senior Scene Editor

Decorating your dorm room: 101

If you’ve ever dreamed of revamping your room at home but haven’t gotten around to actually cleaning it up, then decorating a brand new space can be a very exciting opportunity. Just remember to keep the following tips in mind.

| Senior Scene Editor

Wash. U. marathoners go the distance

There are many different types of runners on the Washington University campus. There are those who enjoy a casual treadmill workout or jog outdoors when the weather is nice and others who couple a quick estrogym visit with several Bosco sticks from the conveniently located Bear’s Den. Then, there is a completely different breed: These […]

| Scene Special Feature Editor

Turn that frown upside down

In a time of economic turmoil and political conflict, the world may seem like a pretty depressing place. There are those, however, who see the light in the darkness and refuse to allow these events to get them down. Chances are, you might even know one of them. The Secret Society of Happy People boasts […]

| Scene Special Features Editor

Winter guard brings weapons to Wash. U.

The Wash. U. Sports Club Federation features activities ranging from fencing to roller hockey to equestrianism. And now, there’s another sport to add to the list: winter guard. Winter guard is essentially a performance group that uses equipment like flags, sabres and rifles. Shows consist of dancing and acrobatic moves with said accessories. Basically, winter […]

| Scene Reporter

Quick cash on campus

As the holiday season is fast approaching, many of us are looking for ways to make some extra pocket money for gifts. While there are certainly real means of obtaining a steady income—like, I don’t know, getting a job—there are also quick and easy ways to score some spare cash.

| Scene Reporter

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