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Op-Ed: Wash. U. chose statue because Wash. U. chooses sanity

Nonetheless, Sayed’s view of George Washington ignores the qualities which made our first president stand out among many leaders in the early United States.

Eli Nirenberg | Class of 2023

Op-Ed: Wash. U. chooses statue over student

All the University chose to see was vandalism. At the conduct meeting, I was listened to, but I was not heard.

Sabrina Sayed | Class of 2021

Letter to the Editor

I chose the fraternity that was the best fit for me, and it was among the best decisions that I made at Wash. U.

Jeremy Raphael | Class of 2002

‘Tis (still) the season to be jolly

Where Christmas had previously crept up on me, always something to be anticipated around the corner, last year it came and went like another Friday. And once it went, I was left wishing that I could have a do-over.

Jamila Dawkins | Forum Editor

Parents, students call for increased COVID-19 testing and transparency in spring semester

With Washington University’s COVID-19 testing policies remaining largely unchanged from the fall semester, parents and students have called for more frequent COVID-19 testing and increased transparency for the spring semester.

Orli Sheffey | News Editor

Op-Ed: It’s time to end fraternity houses

It is embarrassing that Washington University currently offers zero dedicated buildings for students of diverse racial, socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds: Turning over fraternity houses to underrepresented students is a necessary first step to reverse this trend.

Ranen Miao, Student Union President | Undersigned Student leaders

The people left: Who remains on the Danforth Campus

A chronicle of the people sticking out the end of the semester on the Danforth Campus.

Olivia Poolos | Staff Writer

‘I couldn’t be prouder as a coach’: How members of the track team helped each other overcome quarantine hurdles

COVID-19 quarantine brought isolation and prevented student-athletes from accessing typical training materials. How did they cope with it?

Clara Richards | Staff Reporter

Sustainable holiday shopping during COVID-19

And while online Christmas deals may be enticing, they promote unsustainable shopping habits.

Clara Richards | Staff Writer

Senior musicians on using quarantine as a growing experience 

Senior musicians Mitch Frauenheim and Aalisha Jaisinghani reflect on how COVID-19 has shaped their experiences this fall.

Grady Nance | Staff Writer

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