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‘There are not a lot of spaces that are safe for Black students here at Wash U.’: The pandemic reaffirms the importance of Black affinity spaces on campus

Walking into Washington University’s Danforth University Center last year meant one could always find a group of Black students—up to 15 at a time—crowded around the large octagonal table in the center of the dining area. Students would be chatting and laughing, either just stopping by or parked there for a few hours. This year, of course, the dining scene has changed.

| Senior Scene Editor

Editor’s Note Episode 19: Students get vaccinated

With vaccine rollout underway in Missouri, freshman Olivia Poolos talks to Senior News Editor junior Em McPhie and freshman Charlotte Kramon about Washington University students who’ve taken long road trips to secure extra doses or nabbed their shots before becoming eligible.

| Staff Reporter

‘Identify those interactions that they find to be the most valuable’: Doctor talks the pandemic, physical contact and the long-term effects of loneliness

With the light at the end of the tunnel growing brighter each day and the hope for a more typical year next fall, it’s important to remember that we are still in a pandemic. COVID cases across the country have been steadily rising again, as Americans jump the gun on relaxing restrictions. Back in February, amidst cold snowy days that kept most students inside, I spoke with the Assistant Director of Mental Health at Habif, Dr. Jordan Fields, about loneliness and isolation.

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Yes, WU junior Jordan Nagai played Russell in Disney-Pixar’s ‘Up.’ And no, he doesn’t mind talking about it.

Jordan Nagai has hiked Mt. Fuji—twice. That’s his go-to fun fact during a typical club icebreaker introduction. Or he might tell you that he’s a second-degree black belt in the martial art form judo, or that he plays piano, guitar and saxophone. What Nagai won’t tell you? That he was the voice actor for Russell, the main character for the enormously popular Pixar movie “Up,” which won Best Animated Feature in 2010.

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Party once, shame on you; party twice, still shame on you

Simply put, college kids are partying because other college kids have decided it’s okay, or are too afraid to push back when they see it happening.

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Bring back Orientation Week Energy

Now, when I pass students hurrying to class, I do recognize more faces and give a friendly nod or wave. But I also hardly glance at the people I don’t already know.

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Instagram account ‘@stillwaiting_washu’ reveals inadequacy of WU mental health services, pushes for better resources

The anonymous instagram account @stillwaiting_washu, which provides a platform for students to anonymously share their negative experiences with the University’s mental health services, has spent the last two months raising awareness of inadequate mental health resources and calling for change.

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From behind the plexiglass: The people who make up the Bear’s Den

No matter how many booths are blocked off by blue tape, the people who make BD what it is are still there.

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Editor’s Note Episode 14: Arts make a comeback

With the majority of Washington University’s in-person performances, concerts and exhibitions canceled since early last March, the Student Life arts and entertainment section, Cadenza, has had to reckon with a drastic shift in artistic production and consumption.

| Staff Writer

WU sophomore Roy Antoine bakes everything from donuts to caramel cake. And then he gives it all away.

With a muscular frame well suited for his sport of choice, rugby, and pursuing a major in mechanical engineering, sophomore Roy Antoine isn’t the person you’d expect to have a soft spot for baking cinnamon rolls. Yet, he does. And Antoine doesn’t just stop there—he’s also fond of whipping up donuts, beignets and caramel cake, to name just a few of his many culinary creations.

| Staff Writer

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