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Alleged sexual misconduct and support system failures cause graduate student to drop her WU PhD degree

After what happened, Lila — a third-year medical student who requested to remain anonymous — decided to not pursue a Ph.D. at Washington University anymore.

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Bones in our Basement: WU re-evaluates its acquisition of human remains

The article reported that Robert J. Terry, former head of WashU’s anatomy department, amassed his collection by “taking advantage of the lack of legal protections for marginalized people in the 19th and early 20th century.”

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A Portrait of WashU Sumers Rec: A Home Created

The rules are unspoken, but any regular can probably list them aloud if asked: games played to 16 — two points for a three, one for a jump shot. Tell everyone you’re in line to play fives. Don’t cut that line. Slap hands after the game. Shit talk is permitted. Welcome to Washington University Gary M. Sumers Recreation Center basketball.

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Women’s basketball preview

For their first game of the season, the Bears will face Dubuque at home in a non-conference matchup on Nov. 13. 

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Heard of the Red Zone? We’re in it now

Though no office informs students about this phenomenon, Kennedy said that the Red Zone is reflected on WashU’s campus every year, though reported cases may not be completely accurate.

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Center for Diversity and Inclusion speaks to best practices for clubs

With the Activities Fair comes an influx of new club members, and with new members comes tha age-old question: how do clubs make sure they are inclusive of everyone who wants to join?

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Faces to Know: Meet WashU’s Dining Service Workers

Washington University dining workers are the driving factors behind keeping the WashU community fed — and almost more importantly, caffeinated. Here are a handful of faces that you’ll see around campus: 

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Beauty and History in 80 Minutes: “Dontrell Who Kissed The Sea”

If you’re looking for a cultural experience in St. Louis this summer amidst games of die and brunch at Meshuggah’s, I highly recommend the Black Rep’s “Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea.

| Managing Scene Editor

The St. Louis Metro: Two States, One City, Thousands of Strangers

I am certainly no expert voice on transit, nor on St. Louis. But what I can do is hold a microphone (read: my horribly cracked iPhone 7, opened to Voice Memos) to people I hope have more authority on the Metro and their city than I do — everyday riders.

| Managing Scene Editor

Rally for Reproductive Rights Pressures University to Take Official Stance on Abortion

On May 6, members of the Washington University community gathered in Brookings Quad to protest the draft leaked by the Supreme Court suggesting that the court could be planning to overturn Roe v. Wade. The motivation behind the rally was to “call on the University to take a stand in support of abortion rights and against Missouri’s trigger ban.” 

| Managing Scene Editor

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