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A curious comparison at Ground Zero

“It’s a local issue,” politicians had claimed for weeks. And, perhaps, it was. That, however, simply wouldn’t last. At a Ramadan dinner earlier this month, President Obama waded into what has since become a national frenzy over the proposed construction of a mosque near ground zero. “Let me be clear,” Mr.

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Who’s to say Gadhafi was wrong?

If for no reason beyond the simple fact that he struck me as being utterly incorrect, I was pretty well convinced that it was in the anonymous poster’s best interest that he remain unidentified. At the end of a article chronicling last week’s Gadhafi incident at the United Nations, a commenter explained that “OECD […]

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Who must “we” be?

I’ve always enjoyed movie scenes in which a mob of sports fans, buzzing with jubilation, simultaneously rush the streets after their team wins a championship. I’m not sure whether this type of celebration actually ever happens in real life, but I’ve always hoped it does. Moreover, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the mob. Much to my dismay, however, growing up in a city completely without professional sports has prevented this dream from being realized.

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Don’t forget to help at home

The W.I.L.D. weekend was many things for many people. For some, it was a first chance to experience one of Washington University’s marquee social events.

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CNN instead of commercials

I’ve often wished Washington University had Division I athletics, but not for the athletics themselves.

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GOP ticket: elderly and ill, inexperienced and underqualified

The Republicans shouldn’t have a chance in this fall’s election.

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Environmental musings of a pizza delivery boy

Unlike seemingly every other undergrad at Wash. U., my summer employment was not particularly impressive.

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