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Q&A with jewelry and handbag designer Kara Ross

Kara Ross, a jewelry and handbag designer based in New York City, has been passionate about gemstones since she was young. A role model of hard work and dedication (two qualities that she finds most valuable in someone pursuing a career in fashion), Ross began designing jewelry at the early age of 13.

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The dress code for all your dating needs

Have a date and don’t know what to wear? Anxiously rummaging through your closet—and your roommate’s—ten minutes before he picks you up? Here are a few dos and don’ts for looking the part on occasions when it matters most:

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The fashion intern manual

For all the girls and boys who dream of a lap of fashion luxury and a respectable career, there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind to ensure your success in this cutthroat industry. Follow these rules, and you’re sure to have a positive internship experience.

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Fall’s Staple Pieces

While fashion is ever-changing, there are a few practical pieces that are timeless and vital.

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Hot seams: Fall fashion’s big five

Okay ladies, school is just around the corner and fall fashion is already underway. It’s finally time to put our knowledge of the fall fashion shows to good use and open up those thick September issues in an effort to fill our closets with the latest trends and this season’s staple pieces. Too busy setting up your dorm rooms and apartments to pick up a magazine? Don’t fret; consider this your cheat sheet.

Interview with fashion journalist: Derek Blasberg

St. Louis native Derek Blasberg has come a long way since his modest Midwestern childhood. I had the pleasure of attending his intimate book signing at Left Bank Books this past weekend, where his family and friends were all in attendance (including Chloë Sevigny and Byrdie Bell—yes, they are just as beautiful in person).

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Hot Seams: Must-haves for spring

As I’m sitting here in the scorching heat of my dorm room, I’m reminded that summer is just around the corner. The anticipation of trying this year’s spring runway trends will soon culminate with an updated spring/summer wardrobe. Despite the thrill, the seasonal quandary is inevitable: With hundreds of runway trends, which ones will you make your own?

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Hot Seams: ‘I have nothing to wear!’

As the Bruce Springsteen song goes, “There was 57 channels and nothin’ on.” How many times have you opened your closet door and uttered the words, “I have nothing to wear,” while staring into a sea of perfectly acceptable clothes that you bought, and at one point, convinced yourself that you’d just die without? Example: I was in a friend’s room the other day helping her get ready.

| Scene Fashion Columnist

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