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10 things you need to know about ‘The Exorcist’

When “The Exorcist” hit theaters in 1973, it changed the horror genre forever. Sadly, most people only remember the gruesome scene in which the main character’s adolescent daughter turns her head a full 360 degrees. Don’t get me wrong. That scene is amazing. (And horrific. And shocking. And gross. And epic.

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Now hear this! Reba McEntire

Grab your 10-gallon hats and slip into your rockin’- and rollin’-est cowboy boots. Country music icon Reba McEntire is coming to St. Louis. While the redhead’s over-40-year career has proved to be an inspiration for several newer country artists like Carrie Underwood, LeAnn Rimes and Faith Hill, Reba continues to put out No. 1 hit after No. 1 hit.

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The future of SVU

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Pandas, Posers Posners and Predators

Despite the administration moving W.I.L.D. to Friday this year, festivities will undoubtedly unfold in the same manner. Many professors have canceled Friday-afternoon classes, and for those students unlucky enough to have fun-hating professors, they always have the option of not even showing up. After all, what are they going to do? Call your parents?

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Chicago Afrobeat Project

Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize “afrobeat” as a word. Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped the Chicago Afrobeat Project (also known as CAbP) from rocking the stage.

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Summer music roundup

4, Beyoncé  On her latest release, Beyoncé struggles, throwing everything she has at her audience and still leaving them unfulfilled. The ultra-private performer doesn’t seem genuine, and it’s hard to get into the mid-tempo ballads that make up the majority of the album. While “Who Runs the World (Girls)” attempts to add a splash of […]

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W.I.L.D. Preview: Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus, the first professional act performing at tonight’s concert, is not a band, as you might expect from its name. Instead, it’s a he—Steven Ellison, to be exact, a music producer and laptop musician. When the W.I.L.D. lineup was first announced, I tried to put together some mental picture to represent Flying Lotus.

Cee Lo Green at UMSL

Cee Lo Green is slated to headline University of Missouri-Saint Louis’s (UMSL) Mirthday Celebration tonight at the Touhill Performing Arts Center. Think of Mirthday as UMSL’s answer to our W.I.L.D.—an annual celebration of spring. Jay Sean, Jason Derulo and Fitz and the Tantrums headlined last year’s Mirthday, so it’s always a big deal. This year is no different.

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Plain White T’s Concert Preview

This Wednesday, get ready to rock as the Plain White T’s head to the Pageant on Delmar. St. Louis is the seventh stop on the band’s Wonders of the Younger Tour. Released December 2010, “Wonders of the Younger” is the Plain White T’s sixth studio album.

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Jamie Oliver: Bringing the ‘Revolution’ to LA

Last season on Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution,” Oliver brought his ideas of fresh food and delicious nutrition to the public schools of Huntington, W. Va. Huntington was carefully selected because of its reputation as America’s fattest city.

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