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Views from the top: Life in the time of peak Drake

On April 29, Drake will release the most important album of his career. Titled “Views From the 6,” it will arrive with more anticipation and pressure than any of his eight preceding, full-length releases (three studio albums and five mixtapes).

| Staff Writer

Q&A: Bill Burr leans into generational gaps

ill Burr is out of touch, and he knows it. The stand-up comedian and co-creator of the semi-autobiographical television show, “F Is for Family,” (which premiered on Netflix in December 2015) uses his work to explore and highlight the cultural differences between generations and the friction that arises between them.

| Staff Writer

The room where it happens: How Tumblr is reframing history

There is a subculture of history jokes and memes on Tumblr that follows these principles. In doing so, it is rewiring the mechanisms through which history is communicated and interpreted.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Q&A: Patrick Stickles seeks mutual validation through music

Patrick Stickles is the lead singer and songwriter of Titus Andronicus, a punk band from New Jersey that makes music that is big, loud and anthemic, recalling both an era when rock music defined popular culture and the independent bands, like Husker Du and the Replacements, that chafed against its commercial impulses. In anticipation of the band’s March 15 show with Craig Finn at Off Broadway, Stickles spoke with Student Life about the band’s intentions for “The Most Lamentable Tragedy” and beyond.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

More than a feeling: How the 2016 Chicago Cubs are poised to change the nature of their miserable, no good franchise

It’s a scary time to be a Chicago Cubs fan. Fresh off a surprise trip to the 2015 National League Championship Series and a depth-bolstering off-season, the Cubs were given 4/1 odds by Westgate SuperBook to win their first World Series since 1908.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Album review: ‘The Life of Pablo’ by Kanye West

Music, more than most media, offers the temptation to hear certain works in the context of the creator’s personal life. This is particularly true with pop stars, or artists with a documented history of turmoil.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Grammys preview: How many awards can Kendrick win?

Like all award shows, the Grammys are a constant source of frustration. The Recording Academy’s voters frequently make decisions that seem to be at odds with the organization’s stated goal to “honor excellence in the recording arts and sciences…not sales or chart positions.” But the Grammys are important, because they make us talk about what makes music “great” and let some very talented people perform on national television. These are my predictions for the four major categories.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Movie review: ‘Hail Caesar!’

Films by the Coen Brothers—the directing and writing team of brothers Joel and Ethan Coen—fall into two rough camps: the goofy ones and the existential ones. Of course, the lines between the two aren’t firm. Each has a little of the other, but you can often sense a leaning towards one side.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Why you should learn to stop worrying and love Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship last Sunday. This made most football fans happy, since American sports culture has a strange inferiority complex that pushes fans of not-great teams to hate, rather than to admire, great teams.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Top 10 albums of 2015: 1-5

Senior Cadenza Editor Mark Matousek shares his picks for the best albums of 2015.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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