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An interview with Splice

For more than 10 years, Wash. U.’s underground film club (they literally meet underground) has been screening “under-championed films.” The club is called SPLICE. And if you don’t get the name, don’t worry, neither do the group’s members. “I have no idea. You’d have to ask the former presidents. We were extremely underground in the […]

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I, for one, have appreciated the supernatural eruption that we have seen in the entertainment industry lately, especially pertaining to vampires. Yet “Shadowland,” writ-ten and directed by Wyatt Weed, does not stand up to the standards set by its peers. The filming was excellent. I liked the idea of a vampire waking up 100 or […]

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Director Richie Mehta’s film “Amal” nails teaching its viewers the lesson with which it begins: “The poorest of men can be the richest.” It is a hard lesson to learn, indeed, but Mehta makes sure you take it home with you. “Amal” is a poor rickshaw driver in India who one day drives a cranky […]

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At the Elbows of My Elders: One Family’s Journey Toward Civil Rights

As a new resident of St. Louis, it was a pleasure to read up on some of its history in Gail Milissa Grant’s “At the Elbows of My Elders.” This former professor, U.S. Foreign Service officer and Wash. U. alumna, describes her life as the daughter of the late, illustrious civil rights lawyer David W. Grant in segregated 1950s St. Louis.

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