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Well, that’s racism

Last Friday, Arizona made a massive legislative blunder in its attempt to buttress its border with Mexico. The state passed a new immigration reform bill that is one of the worst—and potentially most harmful—pieces of state legislation passed in recent years. According to the Associated Press, the bill requires police officers to question people about […]

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The intrigue of an unexpected revolutionary

Mother of two, former ambassador to the United States and the United Kingdom, deputy of the United Nations special envoy to Georgia…leader of a violent political revolution in Central Asia? What? I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest guru on Central Asia/former U.S.S.R. state politics, but I’ll also admit that I’m fascinated with a rising political figure in Kyrgyzstan—Roza Otunbayeva.

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The DADT paradox

‘Catch-22” is a funny book. It’s probably one of my favorite books that I read in my AP English class senior year. But we all know the reason why it’s such an iconic book—it provides readers with a searing account of militaristic violence and bureaucratic entrenchment in the modern world through its sharp sarcastic undercurrent. To think, then, that the U.S.

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Bring the Olympics back to the Lou

Ever since my family made it a nightly activity to watch the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, I’ve been enthralled with the Olympics. There’s not a single event in the world that could bring together as many various peoples and cultures to form a single, cohesive marathon of athletic prowess and national pride as the Olympics.

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