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10 things to do before Thanksgiving break

The fall semester’s gone by fast—Thanksgiving break, which signifies the beginning of the end, is little more than two weeks away. Here are some quick ideas for how to take advantage of the time you have left in fun yet productive ways.

| Staff Writer

5 ways to get your kicks off-campus

Although studying and socializing can often leave room for little else, exercising is one of the most important things to keep up with as a busy college student. Here’s a roundup of some offbeat ways to get your endorphins running while breaking the Washington University bubble.

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‘Red Band Society’ gets a big red F

Although this show tries to stick out from the norm by pioneering a setting rarely seen on TV—a pediatric ward—it doesn’t accomplish what it intends to due to its obvious intention to avoid any real drama.

| Staff Writer

New candy store “fizzing” up the Loop with a retro flair

When visiting the Loop, one is likely to see more fellow students than local area residents. However, a new addition to the district’s shopping offerings, franchised candy shop Rocket Fizz, bridges the gap between the transplanted young’uns and local folk looking to reminisce.

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How truthful are the movies?

Here’s a quick guide to what your favorite movies have depicted correctly and what should actually be treated as fiction.

| Movies Editor

Five must-have pieces for spring

This recent outpouring of rain means that spring has recently sprung, and it hasn’t come a moment too soon. However, the weather here in St. Louis is known to change quite quickly, so you may have found yourself—and especially your closet—quite unprepared to take on the fashion scene this spring.

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ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ is very much alive

Everyone wishes for that second chance with lost loved ones, but no one considers what such a thing would actually mean. ABC’s newest supernatural mystery, “Resurrection,” tackles this question. As the long-dead begin to appear in Arcadia, Mo., the town is overtaken with confusion as hidden truths, mysterious deaths and family tensions similarly rise.

| Staff Writer

TV review: ‘Mixology’

Where is the line between spoof and the genuine exploration of a genre? “Mixology,” an upcoming ABC comedy, attempts to find out as it follows 11 singles as they attempt to make the most out of a typical night out at a trendy Manhattan bar.

| Staff Writer

Skip the half-and-halfs: Tips for healthy eating on campus

Although Washington University might seem to be overwhelmed by the half-and-half craze that dominates the late-night snack scene, there is actually a bevy of healthy dining options on campus. Follow this guide to make smarter choices that will leave you feeling healthier and happier!

| Contributing Writer

Black Anthology celebrates 25th anniversary with ‘Post-’

This Friday and Saturday, a tradition continues. Black Anthology, the annual play created to celebrate black culture and confront hot-button cultural issues, will celebrate its 25th anniversary with the show “Post-.” This year’s edition of Black Anthology will ring in the start of Black History Month.

| Contributing Writer

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