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Subway to stay open in spite of rumors of closure

Although the rumor that Subway will be closing has been circulating around the Washington University campus, Subway owner Loren Grossman assures students that the rumor is not true.

| Staff Reporter

Economy poses no threat to Kemper

With the recent news that Brandeis University will be closing its Rose Art Museum, many are concerned about the future of Washington University’s Kemper Art Museum. Brandeis University is closing its art museum in an effort to alleviate some of the stress placed on the liberal arts school by the economic crisis. There appears to […]

| Staff Reporter

Private colleges see fewer applications in tough times

As the current state of the economy forces many families to rearrange their budgets, many private universities are seeing a decline in the number of applicants this year. At small private colleges and universities, the effects of the economy on applications have been significant. Although the number of early decision and early action applicants is […]

| Staff Reporter

Fees begin for DUC usage

Beginning this semester, Washington University will charge fees for the use of spaces in the Danforth University Center. Not all student groups, however, will have to pay to use the space in the Danforth University Center (DUC). “Any student group recognized by Student Union would not have to pay. There are a couple of regular, […]

| Staff Reporter

Putting the ‘Art’ in ‘Art School’

Washington University students used to writing papers and doing lab experiments have been given the opportunity to paint, print and decorate at Art Week, a program hosted by the Art Council at the Danforth University Center (DUC) from Monday through today.

| Contributing Reporter

Study says liberal professors do not create liberal students

A recent study concluding that the political views of university professors have a minimal impact on their students’ views is drawing mixed reactions from Washington University undergraduates.

| Contributing Reporter

Fontbonne feels debate’s glow

With all of the excitement around the vice presidential debates this October, it is easy to forget the effect this event has on Washington University’s neighbor, Fontbonne University.

| Contributing Reporter

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