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The hunt

Finding a place to live is never an easy task. Some freshmen would even say it is a quite daunting endeavor. There are so many options and possibilities, so many factors to take into account, and always hanging above us like the sword of Damocles is the possibility that we might get stuck who knows […]

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Down to the last stretch

Only a few days ’til the first exams, our nerves are stretched tight and we’re ready to bite anyone’s head off. Take a deep breath! Whatever happens, however it goes, it is over. We survived our first semester in college, and we only have a mildly bruised ego to show for it! Here are some […]

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And so the light shines on

On Tuesday evening, I was in my friend’s room, huddled around my computer, trying—and failing—to do my homework, waiting impatiently for the results that would be the capstone of a long journey. To see me then, it would have been hard to guess that I absolutely detest politics. However, the recent election was about so […]

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