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Morgan Street expands distribution

Though Morgan Street Brewery may be better known among students as a Thursday night destination, it’s also a reputable microbrewery. And thanks to a new partnership, the brewery will be distributing its previously exclusive Bohemian pilsner on tap at other locations—among them Fitz’s on the Loop, Harry’s Bar and Grill on the Hill, and Sundecker’s on the Landing.

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Taking time to “Breathe”

In collaboration with WUSLAM, Residential Area Real Art installed an exhibit in the DUC Visitor’s Lounge in response to the campus wide smoking ban, the oil spill and global pollution.

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Lynn Needle: International dancer comes to WU

Mary-Jean Cowell, Coordinator of Washington University’s Dance program, is brining professional dancer Lynn Needle to campus in hopes that students will learn from her versatile talents. Needle will be a guest professor in the Dance department starting Oct. 22.

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Art History in Forest Park: The creation of SLAM

Perhaps the idea of art museums conjures up memories of dull and prolonged school trips deters you from venturing up Art Hill, but the St. Louis Art Museum offers such a wide variety of art you’re likely to find something to suit your fancy. Not to mention, it’s a St. Louis landmark you simply shouldn’t miss.

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