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‘The Sandra Bullock trade’

In a recent issue of The New York Times, columnist David Brooks wonders whether people would willingly accept what he calls “the Sandra Bullock trade”—that is, winning an Academy Award one minute, discovering that your husband is “an adulterous jerk” the next.

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A ride to remember

The cab driver wanted me to know that he wasn’t a cab driver. “This is only temporary,” he assured me before we even made it to Forsyth. “It’s only for a little while.” He wanted me to know that he had been laid off from his real job four months ago. He wanted me to know that he was actually a construction manager; he had been with his company for 11 years.

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The malaise of future careers

When I was applying to colleges, I had no idea what major I would choose. One of the most appealing aspects of Washington University was its flexibility; there were loose core requirements, leaving room for me to explore different subjects before deciding what I wanted to do with my life.

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Life beyond the Wash. U. bubble: Don’t forget about it

I am in no way qualified to give advice. I’m a freshman. I’m the baby of the family. I’m underage. I learned something this weekend, though, and I think it’s important enough to share. I learned that even when you are 19 years old and can’t wait for tomorrow, there are always people who won’t make it. For some people, this is it.

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Student Union promotes Haiti relief

After being devastated by an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on Tuesday, January 12, Haiti remains in a state of chaotic destruction. Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, could be permanently crippled by this catastrophe without financial assistance as the infrastructure of the country’s capital city, Port-au-Prince, has been largely destroyed.

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Longer break for Thanksgiving is a smart move

Those of us who were left feeling a bit unsatisfied with our measly Thanksgiving break can rejoice at the news that Washington University will be overhauling its academic calendar next year. Beginning next fall, the school will give students a full week off from classes for Thanksgiving and remove the fall break entirely.

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It may be bloody, but just do it

I gave blood for the first time last week through the University-wide drive. I was excited for the experience up until the guy looked at my arm and said, “Uh-oh.”

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Let’s talk about sex

Wash. U. must have had sex on the brain last week. First, there was Sex in the Dark—a question-and-answer session with a doctor about everything from birth control to orgasms to masturbation, complete with mood lighting and capped off with a raffle of lubricant, vibrators and furry handcuffs.

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Illuminating the question marks: Afghanistan

For several years, the situation in the Middle East has been one giant question mark for Americans. Why are certain groups in power? How are elections being corrupted? Why are we at war with Afghanistan and Iraq when a Saudi ordered the Sept. 11 attacks?

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University’s sustainability not enough

For one of the most selective institutions in the world, Washington University is pretty average. In terms of sustainability, that is. Wash. U. only earned a grade of C-plus on this year’s College Sustainability Report Card. This annual evaluation is released by GreenReportCard.org, which rates the effectiveness of sustainability policies enacted by hundreds of American […]

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