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Oh what to do when the romance all but done and gone?

As we search for answers in this trying time, dare relate our current economic and social climate with bad relationships? Most of us know the odds for divorce are high. So if we knowingly realize this then why do we get married? Is it for the thrill of the hunt or the capture of the prey? Relationships, whether corporate or emotional, have lost their way.

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The Sandy Club Gazette the 102nd edition

About a month ago during our transfer of authority (TOA) ceremony, I met Capt. Kate Clarke. She sat in a chair along the front of the room while I stood behind her, and as I attempted to take a few quick pictures before the event started, I asked if I could rest my elbows on her shoulders. She had a big smile on her face as she agreed to my request.

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Becoming part of the past

History will repeat itself. This past Friday was Veterans Day, and for the first time as a deployed soldier, I can officially be considered a veteran of a foreign war. It’s a strange feeling, actually. People think of veterans as old individuals who sit around and tell war stories and go to parades. When I look around at the people in my unit, I don’t see that.

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Feeding the hungry last

Happy birthday, Alice Sarah Harmony. On Oct. 31, 2011, the newest member of the 7 billionth baby club took her first breath in this world. Remember, we were all babies once. Who would have thought we would’ve made it to such a number. To think almost 400 years ago people believed that the world was flat.

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A helping hand

There’s more to a war than just weapons and soldiers. Living across the world involves a strong support team. Of course family and friends comprise the most crucial support network of a deployed soldier, but unfortunately they can’t accompany the soldier into a war zone.

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Winning the Race

On a dark, crisp summer morning, choices I had made more than two years ago were reappearing. The sweat dripping off of 23-year-old Tyler’s face was evidence of a goal he had set just a few days earlier. His legs were tired, but he wasn’t giving up. The two-mile run was nearing an end; he was going to finally pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.

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A soldier’s final kiss goodbye

On a humid Sunday morning, a soldier held his teenage daughter tighter then she could remember. Her father’s embrace was smothering; he took hold of her as if she was a part of his own body. A warm kiss on her cheek and a smooth wipe of her tears comforted her as her mother accepted her from her dad.

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The flag, a symbol of the United States

Since my conception, I have been nothing more than a symbol. My mother, who gave me my beginning so many years ago made me rather unique. I was nothing special—just a simple creation filled with delightful colors and shapes.

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The value of friends

How do you judge the value of friendship? People get married everyday with the belief that they’ve committed their lives to a best friend. To become someone’s best friend, certain traits need to be developed.

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Summer ‘vacation’

Spring has finally arrived and not a day too soon. Finals are closing in and the end of yet another school year approaches. Summer is on its way. As most of us prepare for the end of the semester, thoughts of summer plans and vacations dance through our minds as if we were little kids all over again. Some of us will travel abroad as part of our education.

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