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Thanks LaGuardia: A morning spent traveling to St. Louis

Senior Scene Editor Julia Robbins reflects on her journey from New York City to St. Louis

| Senior Scene Editor

New federal labor regulations and growing membership generate optimism among WUGWU members for formal unionization

The Washington University Undergraduate and Graduate Students Workers Union is undergoing a new surge of energy to be recognized as an official union by the University.

| News Editor

‘I am here for my relationship with God’: Why Dorian Renne has spent his freshman year converting to Judaism

Renne hopes that his conversion to Judaism will be over before college ends so that he can go on the Birthright trip to Israel as a college student. And his gender transition, he said, will be an ongoing process throughout life.

| Staff Editor

‘A multi-year paid crash course in cognitive dissonance’: Students rally in support of Greek Life abolition, dehousing of fraternities

After approximately 45 minutes of speeches, students marched to fraternity row, chanting “Don’t take my tuition, without Greek Life abolition” and “Hey hey, ho ho, Wash. U. Greek Life has to go.”

and | News Editors

Pushing against a culture of greed

But this conversation alluded to something larger: What kind of toxic culture has people laughing along to incredibly overt inhumanity just to fit in.

| Staff Editor

Why one activist organization has turned to social media during the pandemic

As the world has shifted online, so have the organizations working to make it a more equitable place. The Washington University Graduate and Undergraduate Workers Union (WUGWU) has changed their organizational structure and their advocacy to meet the unique demands of the pandemic.

| Staff Editor

Back for more: A cappella returns after first semester hiatus

With a streamlined auditions process and more bonding between groups, Washington University a cappella is gearing up for the new semester.

| Staff Editor

Repurposed through quarantine: WU senior takes fashion school to TikTok

Senior Emma Rubinson is now on the cusp of receiving her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in fashion and is the creator of a TikTok account with just under 110,000 followers, where she shares her extensive knowledge about the inner workings of fashion to the online world.

| Staff Editor

An extrovert’s guide to quarantining

I’m writing this to hopefully help ease some of the anxiety that people might have going into quarantine and give some tactics that might make your time quarantining somewhat easier. So without further ado, let me share with you the (un)definitive extrovert’s guide to quarantining.

| Staff Writer

Mental health services at WU find new ways to reach students as semester comes to end

Students at Washington University who work in mental health services or mental health care advocacy are searching for ways to address the emerging mental health needs of students while also grappling with obstacles to providing care caused by the pandemic.

| Staff Reporter

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