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PSY’s agent speaks to students

Despite Time magazine’s “D-” grade for Korean pop artist PSY’s “Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin’” 2013 Super Bowl commercial, “Gangnam Style” was one of the most popular songs of 2012. And with more than 1.3 billion views, it is the most viewed video in the history of YouTube.

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WU law professor questions value of law school

High salaries and renowned status are benefits associated with law school that have typically motivated students to endure the stress required to earn a high GPA and high LSAT scores. But with the number of law school applications falling due to rising tuition and decreasing job prospects after graduation, these long-standing associations may soon disappear.

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Professor Profile: Jan Duchek

As you enter Associate Professor of Psychology Jan Duchek’s office, the framed teaching certificate on the wall displays a list of grades:

Elementary Agriculture: 99%

Orthography and Writing: 94%

Arithmetic: 79%

If this sounds like an odd certificate for a university professor to receive, it’s because this is a first-grade teaching certificate. And it wasn’t presented to Duchek but rather to her grandmother in 1918.

Exploring the effects of ‘Slacktivism”

You get out of your classes for the day, return to your room, lie down on the bed with your Macbook and get on Facebook. Scrolling down the screen a bit, a video on your newsfeed catches your eye. After three minutes and fifteen seconds of learning about the newest social controversy, you like the video, repost it to your status, and continue perusing the Internet.

Finding your way

I am from an all-girls school in Dallas, with approximately 100 girls in each grade. The entire grade knew about what happened at last night’s party or who got asked out for homecoming from the brother-school. Everyone knew about each other so well that no secret could exist.

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