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Administrative assignment is not the end of the world

If that perfect suite just isn’t coming together, please: try not to worry too much about it. Because really, we’re all going random.

| Managing Forum Editor

City residents push for payment in lieu of taxes on University property

University City (U. City) residents and council members called on Washington University to implement a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) program during the “WashU, U. City, and PILOTs: An Overview” information session, Sept. 24. Presented by Community for an Accountable WashU (CAW), the session was held over Zoom as well as broadcasted live to a handful of former University students and residents of the St. Louis region.

| Managing Forum Editor

Is it possible to sew a pair of ethical pants?

I spent what added up to about three part-time workweeks trying to make a single pair of “ethical” pants. What I didn’t foresee was that the hardest part of the process was figuring out what a pair of ethical pants even looked like — or if it existed at all.

| Managing Forum Editor

The Devil wears Shein: Woes of remaking your college wardrobe

When someone loves my outfit of the day and the truth is, my outfit of the day is effectively bleeding the planet dry, what do I say?

| Managing Forum Editor

Ahead of Black History Month, consider what you take for granted

It’s our responsibility to participate in an active and ongoing process of learning, unlearning and relearning.

| Senior Forum Editor

Kill your guilty pleasures

We shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying things – and people should examine why they dislike things that are ‘cringe.’

| Senior Forum Editor

An atheist’s experience at Lutheran Campus Ministry

It wasn’t a conversion experience, and it didn’t need to be. I was content enough to learn about a religion and group I knew little about — to replace my own expectations of rigidity with real, complex and kind people of faith. 

| Senior Forum Editor

Letter from the Forum editors

As the semester begins, here are some changes to the Forum section.

and | Senior Forum Editors

AAVE and learning to speak like yourself

Because I was Black, I thought using AAVE was fine. I had as much a claim to these words as anyone else. But that wasn’t my voice.

| Senior Forum Editor

WU group chats and the online bystander effect

If it’s true that large group chats can be a place to uplift one another and create community, it must follow that these spaces are capable of doing damage and normalizing insensitivity, and they do so often.

| Senior Forum Editor

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