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From fruit scraps to lucid dreams: WU fashion seniors express their cultures and passions through one final showcase

Sam Fox’s 92nd Annual Fashion Design Show and Exhibition features the capstone collections of seven seniors pursuing a BFA in fashion design. The students were prompted to develop lines that captured their unique spirits, passions and identities, and seniors Genna Torgan, Mirai Patel and Emma Rubinson surpassed these expectations. The garments—products of the arduous process […]

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Juggling books and social media: WU students find fame online

“I honestly started making videos because I was bored during quarantine last May… I wanted to see how far I could take it,” said Sophia Xu, a first-year Ervin Scholar and part time-YouTuber who has accumulated 4.01K subscribers in less than a year. Xu is one of several Wash. U. students who have found fame online.

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Twenty years at WU hasn’t stopped Professor Mungai Mutonya from connecting with his home country. In 2020, he was honored as one of the world’s top 100 Kenyans.

Mutonya, a professor in African and African American studies, was recognized as one of the Top 100 Kenyans in 2020 by, a top news publication, for his sociolinguistic research and transcontinental community-building. Hours of sustained praise eventually cemented the legitimacy of this honor, though Mutonya remained shocked––he had simply been fulfilling the legacy of his parents.

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