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Covid Mysteries: An interesting comeback for the performing arts

“Covid Mysteries” brought live theater back to Wash. U. with an irreverent reinterpretation of Biblical history just in time for Easter Sunday.

| Managing Editor

Homecoming Voices series brings PAD alums back to WU through four one-act plays

Four Wash. U. graduates wrote one-act plays for the Performing Arts Department’s virtual Homecoming Voices program.

| Managing Editor

‘Pathways’ adapts to virtual format by bringing new filming techniques to dance concert

Initially, I was skeptical of a virtual MFA Dance concert. But “Pathways,” despite being viewed in a bright room on my tiny laptop screen, shone.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Why do people insist on building their identity around bigotry?

If the man who once told me that feminism was pointless and shouldn’t exist can grasp this, it shocks me that nearly half of our representatives in the federal government fail to do the same.

| Senior Editor

WandaVision was propelled by its originality: New MCU content should follow suit

The show was so good because it wasn’t something I’d seen from the MCU before. I fear, though, that this won’t be the case for Marvel’s upcoming TV shows. 

| Senior Cadenza Editor

WU-SLam showcases written poetry in ‘Genesis’ zine

Though the foray into written poetry isn’t unique in the club’s history, 2021 marks the club’s first zine in the last decade. The reason? The coronavirus pandemic.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘To All The Boys: Always & Forever’ isn’t perfect, but it didn’t need to be

Though the third installment of the Netflix series was not set up for success, it still found ways to shine through.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

As some streaming services adopt weekly episode release patterns, it’s not as bad as you think

For new shows like Wandavision that are released one week at a time, unlike a streaming show that drops an entire season at a time, the hype doesn’t fall away.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Television shows should quit while they’re ahead

On the unnecessary extra seasons that destroy perfectly good franchises.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Television just can’t replace live entertainment, and the pandemic proved it

Watching TV isn’t a true substitute for live entertainment, and I’ve found myself missing that more and more.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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