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Regional project aims to increase college enrollment

The St. Louis Regional College Access Pipeline Project is coordinating the efforts of local businesses, foundations and institutions of higher education to increase college enrollment in St. Louis.

| Contributing Reporter

SU aims to boost sustainability

Student Union’s Special Executive Task Force for Sustainable Events is devising a system that would offer incentives to student groups for hosting environmentally sustainable events. The system, which is pending approval, would offer money or extra publicity to student groups that take measures to hold sustainable events.

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Students to start campus kitchen for needy

The Washington University student group Feed St. Louis is scheduled to kick off a new campus kitchen on January 30.

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In tough economy, students consider government jobs

The Gephardt Institute for Public Service showcased government jobs in an event on Nov. 10, as students look to government jobs in a tough economic climate.

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Edward Nussbaum, math professor who escaped Holocaust, passes away

Former Washington University Professor of Mathematics A. Edward Nussbaum died of congestive heart failure on Oct. 31. He was 84 years old. Nussbaum taught at the University for 37 years and retired in 1995.

| Staff Reporter

Brown fat cells provide hope for obesity research

National researchers in cell biology have identified proteins that turn normal skin cells into brown fat cells, which use energy to generate heat.

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School community remembers death of police sergeant

Last Halloween, University City police sergeant and Washington University alumnus Michael King was shot and killed in his police cruiser on the corner of Leland Avenue and Delmar Boulevard. With the case pending in court one year later, students and administrators remain mindful of security on the Loop.

| Contributing Reporter

Trimming the fat-talk

For one week, “fat” is the new F-word. From Oct. 19-23, Washington University will participate in a national “Fat Talk Free Week,” in which participating students will sign pledges agreeing to think positively about their bodies.

| Contributing Reporter

Swarms of insects bugging students across Midwest

Over the past two weeks, tiny flying insects have swarmed the Washington University campus and the surrounding areas in University City. For many students, the clouds of pests are great nuisances, to say the least—with their presence so increased on some days that it is almost impossible to walk anywhere outside without the tiny insects […]

| Contributing Reporter

France asks anthropologist to testify on burqa debate

The burqa debate is back on in France, and a Washington University anthropologist has become part of it. The French government has asked anthropology professor John Bowen to testify on the matter, as a parliamentary commission is investigating a possible ban on burqas in public places. France banned burqas in public schools in 2004.

| Contributing Reporter

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