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The sustaining impact of Wash. U.’s Food Week

In revising our food system, we cannot look past the extreme effects of nonsustainable agriculture. Last week, Washington University’s Office of Sustainability hosted Food Week 2016: Know Your Foodprint, which highlighted these concerns and how we can address them.

| Staff Writer

Beer, brats and otters: A day at Ottertoberfest

“Ottertoberfest.” Think otters plus Oktoberfest.

| Staff Writer

Pupusas and patria

The goal of the St. Louis Greater Hispanic Festival was largely focused on community building and celebration, and the funds raised during the festival will go to scholarships for college-bound students and underserved children.

| Staff Writer

Concerning swine: A look at meat at the Midtown Farmers Market

The landscape of healthy and sustainable food can seem impossibly vast—difficult (for some, too difficult) to feasibly navigate. Brands fill the field with buzzwords like “natural,” “organic,” “farm fresh” and on and on, and only some of these words have any real significance.

| Staff Writer

Down the doughnut hole: Vincent Van Doughnut vs. Strange Donuts

St. Louis is known for its plethora of doughnut shops, so how is one to choose? Well, there are a number of—let’s say—unique ones, including Vincent Van Doughnut and Strange Donuts, each recently opened and bringing something special to the St. Louis scene.

| Staff Writer

Understanding in the wake of Yale and Mizzou

A few careful considerations may be in order in the wake of recent protests at Yale and the University of Missouri (Mizzou).

| Contributing Writer

A visit to Sump Coffee: Experimenting with tradition

Sump Coffee lies south of Cherokee Street, eight miles from campus and well off the MetroLink corridor, so even with its reputation as the epitome of specialty coffee, perhaps more so than Blueprint Coffee, I doubt many students have made the trip to South City. But is it worth the voyage (and the price)? I mean to answer that question.

| Contributing Reporter

Getting up-to-date on STL Vernacular: St. Louis podcasts

Sometimes, a happy accident means finding money in your pocket. Or finding snacks in your pocket. Or both. Other times, a happy accident involves stumbling upon STL Vernacular, a production and distribution platform for a multitude of podcasts around the St. Louis area.

Rima Parikh and Harry Hall | Student Life Writers

In search of the perfect brew: An investigation at Blueprint Coffee

Modern American culture seems to have deemed gastronomic precision in vogue. The finest restaurants all must be locally sourced and organic. The classic, conservative combo of coffee and doughnuts has become an opportunity for classiness. Take a trip to Vincent Van Doughnut in Clayton to see fried dough baked and sculpted into pieces of edible art. Or go, as I did, to Blueprint Coffee’s seasonal coffee tasting to see how far a cup of joe really can go.

Harry Hall | Contributing Writer

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