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Donuts and Demonism: tracking the influence of Odd Future

Watching the video for Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers” five years after its release, it is striking just how raw the Odd Future brand was. As statements of intent go, this is arguably as compelling as it can get. Tyler, The Creator—de facto leader of the then-burgeoning Los Angeles hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All—seemed far beyond his 19 years, and seeing something so perfectly formed perhaps signalled that a regression (or at least a lack of progression) was looming.

| Staff Writer

Album review: ‘Garden of Delete’ by Oneohtrix Point Never

During a faux interview published on a promotional website for his new album, “Garden of Delete,” Daniel Lopatin reflected on the inspiration behind the album, the eighth solo effort under his Oneohtrix Point Never guise: “Basically I’m just seeing how long I can stand in the bathroom with the lights off before I freak out.”

Harry Butt | Staff Writer

Deafheaven storms The Ready Room

When bands get caught up in a whirlwind of Internet-induced hype, it can more often than not take something away from their art. This sometimes acts as a natural population check for guitar bands, filtering out those who lacked the staying power anyway. For Deafheaven, however, it’s an injustice. When the Bay Area five-piece released its 2013 masterpiece “Sunbather,” it caused a stir—and rightly so.

| Contributing Writer

GO:OD AM by Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s career arc has been both fascinating and surprising. When he first burst into the mainstream with his 2010 mixtape, “K.I.D.S,” it was a very different Mac Miller from the one we are witnessing today. Back then, he was the party rapper who made dreadful songs about the man who is going to “make America great again.”

Harry Butt | Contributing Reporter

‘Poison Season’ by Destroyer

Dan Bejar is an enigma. After 11 albums and 4 EPs under his Destroyer moniker (one of which is sung in Spanish), this much is abundantly clear to us.

| Contributing Reporter

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