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Over a year later, and we are finally bringing back the noise

After a quiet year on campus, here are some sounds of the university we can look forward to hearing again.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

AST presents ‘Jerry Finnegan’s Sister’: The theater that everyone needed

After a semester apart, All Student Theatre is back with the perfect two-person play, “Jerry Finnegan’s Sister.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The final two productions in the Homecoming Voices collection, “Amateurs” and “Fear is a Gift,” take the stage with productions of vulnerability

The final two Homecoming Voices virtual plays premiered over the weekend, bringing emotional material to an awkward performance.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

AST returns to Brookings’ outside stage with ‘Jerry Finnegan’s Sister’

All Student Theatre members have been rehearsing, building and sleeping on Brookings Quadrangle for weeks preparing for their upcoming show “Jerry Finnegan’s Sister.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

“What Are You Listening To?”: Bear’s Den Edition

Everyone has different study music – here is a playlist of what students studying in the Bears Den are listening to.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

I was speaking

One of the most notable remnants of in-person class, though, is the tendency for men to interrupt and speak over women.

| Staff Writer

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