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Top 5 storylines we want to see on ‘Mad Men’ season six

The penultimate season of “Mad Men” premieres this Sunday at 8 p.m. on AMC. As always, series creator Matthew Weiner has kept his lips firmly closed on any details at all about the premiere episode, which will be a two-hour event.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Top five YouTube stars

We’re approaching our last month of the semester at Wash. U., and procrastination will only become more common as we enter the final stretch. If you’ve exhausted your Netflix queue and you’re waiting for a new BuzzFeed article, pull up YouTube on your laptop and watch some videos from these great YouTube stars.

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‘Mirrors’ music video review

Even if Justin Timberlake’s new album is a little too long, there’s no denying that “The 20/20 Experience” is quite the experience. He recently released a music video for his second single, “Mirrors.” While normally we don’t review music videos, “Mirrors” clocks in at a whopping eight minutes and 21 seconds. It’s basically a short film.

Movie Review: ‘Admission’

directed by Paul Weitz and starring Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Nat Wolff opens Friday, March 22nd Admissions decisions went out to the Class of 2017 over the past 2 weeks, causing me to have flashbacks to the torturous process of applying to college. But if you want a peek behind the scenes of the adults […]

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The cast of ‘Admission’ on getting into college, humor and cow birth

Focus Features recently hosted a press junket for college journalists for the upcoming movie “Admission.” I was lucky enough to attend the press conference, whose panel included actors Tina Fey, Paul Rudd and Nat Wolff and director Paul Weitz. The press conference opened with a question for the entire panel on the experience of getting into college.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

A Q&A with the cast and writer of: ‘If I Were You, and other Elvis Presley songs’

This Thursday, March 21, the A.E. Hotchner Studio Theatre will host the world premiere of a student-written play, “‘If I Were You’ and other Elvis Presley songs.” Senior Cadenza Editor Georgie Morvis sat down with two members of the cast and the playwright herself.

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New Ranch Doritos Loco Taco is a cool addition to the Taco Bell menu

When you think of American innovation, Taco Bell is not the first company that comes to mind. It’s not Apple or Twitter or Google. But it has come up with some of the best ideas of the century, like Fourth Meal or Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Top five reasons to love Anne Hathaway

On Oscar Sunday, Anne Hathaway took home the award for Best Supporting Actress, prompting basically everyone to erupt in flames of rage. Twitter tore apart her acceptance speech, she appeared on a number of worst dressed lists and gossip columns are now claiming she threw a fit because co-star Amanda Seyfried’s dress was too similar to hers.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Top 5 Emergencies We Wish Had Happened on Wednesday

As you may or may not know, depending on how well your phone carrier handled the texts, there was an accidental activation of the Washington University emergency system on Wednesday. Thankfully, it turned out to not be anything serious, but what if it had? Here are some pop cultural emergencies we wish had been the […]

Top five places to see the Mrs. Carter World Tour

As a duo, we’re pretty much still “crazy in love” with Beyoncé, especially after her Super Bowl performance. Naturally, when the announcement of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour came out, we shrieked/cried/giggled/cheered. Seeing Beyoncé isn’t just a historical occasion meant for your grandkids. It’s also an opportunity to see some sites! Get cultured!

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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