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St. Lucia elevates the Gargoyle audience with a memorable show

The first Gargoyle concert of the semester was its best in a long while as Social Programming Board booked St. Lucia for a free show the night of Friday, Feb. 21. St. Lucia is the stage name of Jean-Philip Grobler, a South African musician who currently resides in Brooklyn.

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Living with a pet in college

Homesickness is a complex emotion: you miss your mom doing your laundry, you wish you could go on adventures with your friends and you crave food from your favorite restaurant. And most of all, you miss being able to give your dog or cat a hug when you’re stressed out. But some college students have […]

‘Little Red’ album review

From the very first song of her sophomore effort “Little Red,” Katy B makes it clear that she has shed the funkier, more dubstep-like elements that defined her first album. Those influences are still there, but just as most British pop music has, her own sound has turned towards the sound of Disclosure and its infectious but smooth house music.

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Now Hear This!: Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves, Lady Antebellum Who: Lady Antebellum, Kacey Musgraves, Kip Moore Where: Chaifetz Arena When: Thursday, Feb. 13 @ 7 p.m. Price: $39.85-$94.

A #SELFIE of our generation

Some songs hit too close to home. For some people, it’s that Taylor Swift song about Jake Gyllenhaal and maple lattes. For others, it’s “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. But for our generation, it’ll probably be “#SELFIE” by up-and-coming electronic artists The Chainsmokers. This could be the song that defines 2014, and it was released in late January.

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‘Looking’ deserves the time to find itself

Since it was first announced and even before its premiere date, “Looking”—HBO’s new comedy series about the lives of three gay men in San Francisco—has been inundated with criticisms both fair and unfair. The show, created by Michael Lannan, finally premiered this past Sunday.

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Cadenza critique: ARTPOP by Lady Gaga

On the title track of “ARTPOP,” Lady Gaga croons, “My ARTPOP could mean anything.

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Album Review: ‘Matangi’ by M.I.A.

It’s been one of her most famous lines for most of her career, and an overly quoted line when referring to this era, but it’s undeniably true. M.I.A. is “coming back with power power.” The artist even announces it herself at the end of “Come Walk With Me.” This is not the M.I.A. of feuds with reporters or flipping off people on national TV.

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Now Hear This!: Metric, Hellogoodbye and Paramore

There are two openers for Paramore, both of which would be draws on their own. Metric is a Canadian indie-rock band famous for their song “Black Sheep,” which was featured in the film version of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” They have also won their fair share of Juno Awards, which are basically Canadian Grammys.

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Album review: ‘Static’ by Cults

Since its 2011 self-titled debut, New York City duo Cults has captivated both indie music blogs and the general public alike with a trademark, self-assured sound. “Go Outside,” Cults’ most famous song due to its overuse in television commercials, is the best example of this: summery and sweet, with vocalist Madeline Follin filling simple lyrics […]

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