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Hammocks and expectations hamper true intentions

I realized the other day that there is no dignified way to climb out of a hammock. I was lying in one outside my dorm, sprawled against my most favorite philosopher, Plato (sarcasm), catching up on some reading that was long overdue.

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On drunken ambiguity

I stayed up far too late a few nights ago, talking with my friends, venting some frustrations and laughing about Napoleon (ambiguous jokes are always the best kind). There I sat, crunched against the wall, knees pulled into my chest, when a group of loud and obviously drunk freshmen stumbled past my withdrawn feet, shouting about finding a friend of theirs.

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Men’s group flexes muscles, judged 3.2

The most anticipated event of my college career (so far, at least) came last week in the form of the Activities Fair. Considering I was over-involved in high school, as I’m sure most of the other students at Wash. U. were, I couldn’t wait to check out all of the different clubs in which I […]

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ArtSci printing policy fosters sustainability, community

According to an e-mail circulated on April 28, 2009, by Marcia Mannen, associate director of client support of Arts & Sciences Computing, with this semester comes not only the South 40 House and the Class of 2013, but also a new printing policy. The new policy can potentially make the campus a bit greener and […]

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Freshman Press: I may be in Missouri, but I’m not in Kansas anymore

I have spent the last 18 years of my life surrounded by cornfields, singing to farmhands about happy little blue birds and traversing the space to and beyond rainbows and other light-induced phenomena (I exaggerate, but only a bit). The song is over now and I find myself translated to an unfamiliar world with a new pair of shoes—they aren’t ruby, but I’ll get over it.

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