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Stepping Out: Océano Bistro

If these wintery days have you in a somber mood, Océano Bistro is sure to put a smile on your face. With a largely seafood inspired menu, each dish is an ode to a coastal city filled with warm sunrays.

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Mojo Tapas Restaurant & Bar

Located in South City, Mojo Tapas Restaurant & Bar offers creative cuisine and a cool neighborhood vibe, making it worth the hassle of getting there. I started my dinner with the soup special—roasted butternut squash with a spicy red-wine reduction. The soup was hearty, and I appreciated the skillfully done, smoothly pureed texture.

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Sweet Tomatoes

Located in the St. Louis Suburb of Creve Coeur about 15 minutes west of campus, the restaurant Sweet Tomatoes, actually a chain, offers a unique buffet experience for those unfamiliar with this healthy twist on the typical buffet.

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Risa Zwerling Wrighton

To understand how dynamic a person Mrs. Wrighton is, one only has to look back on her careers. Mrs. Wrighton helps students get acquainted with both the city and Wash. U. through the program she started, Home Plate.

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Sobriquet rocks the South 40

This past weekend, many students heard Augustana play on the Swamp at WUStock and learned from Team 31 that the Cold War Kids and Shwayze will be performing at this spring’s W.I.L.D. But in the midst of these big names was another lesser-known group waiting for their few minutes of fame.

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Party of Six: Bringing students together

As many students know, making friends after your first year at Washington University can be difficult. Sure, you may meet the occasional acquaintaince through a small seminar or a new club, but for the most part, your social circle will remain relatively stable throughout your four years here. Despite the prominence of this phenomenon, however, no one has addressed this friendship issue…until now.

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