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New student group addresses crisis in North Korea

Within the States, North Korea is almost invariably associated with the face of its eccentric dictator Kim Jong-Il, who has been in power for nearly a decade and half.

| Staff Columnist

In defense of Ben Stiller in Greenberg

Just how unbearable is Greenberg in Noah Baumbach’s new film “Greenberg”?

| Staff Columnist

‘A Town Called Panic’

These days it’s difficult to go to theaters and watch an animated motion picture that is not in 3-D. With “Up” deservedly garnering an award for Best Animated Feature and a symbolic nomination for best picture, it’s likely that theaters will be swamped with animations intricately made with computer graphics in the future.

| Cadenza Reporter

When motion kills music

On Saturday night (Feb. 27), Holmes Lounge was fairly crowded and brightly lit by fluorescent lights. People came to see the Jay Oliver Quartet, although strangely, only three musicians were present—pianist and producer Jay Oliver, guitarist William Lenihan (who is also one of our professors) and drummer Miles Vandiver.

| Staff Columnist

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