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Solo With Solove: Mr. Weezy Goes to Prison

Hip-hop artist Lil Wayne will be taking a vacation from his breakneck rockstar lifestyle, beginning tomorrow, as he kicks off his latest tour of the jail cell that he will be spending the next year in. Dwayne Carter Jr., or “Weezy F.

| Cadenza Reporter

Solo with Solove: Johnny Cash

Everybody likes Johnny Cash. Country fans and folk fans both claim him as one of their own. Fans of hard rock and metal relate to his outlaw persona, while ivory-tower music scholars see him as one of the most important figures in American popular music. Conservatives appreciate his Christian traditionalism, while liberals latch on to images of him flipping the finger to anyone who cares to judge him.

| Cadenza Reporter

The Who? Speak Up Sonny, I Can’t Hear You

I love the Who; I hated Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. It’s not easy to say, seeing that I have been listening to The Who since before I could read. They were the first band that I ever listened to.

| Cadenza Reporter

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