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The Student Sustainability Fund: What unaddressed needs does it meet?

The Student Sustainability Fund will meet individual student needs and the desires of the student body in ways that cannot be addressed by the Washington University administration, the Office of Sustainability, student groups and academic departments.

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New flying club takes off

Being a first-semester freshman is unquestionably difficult. Meeting new friends, navigating academics and discovering the college scene are reasons enough not to start a club at the same time. Freshman Joey Berk, however, chose his passion for flying over the challenge. On Tuesday, Oct. 20, Berk held the first meeting of Wash. U. Students Learn to Fly, a club dedicated to aviation.

| Scene Reporter

Students reach new heights

Here at Washington University, there are a few students who may fly 100 miles to grab lunch or take a walk around a new city for the afternoon—they are pilots.

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Double majoring across schools

At Washington University, completing one major is no easy feat. Add another major and things might get difficult. And if that second major is in a different school, well then, your workload will get a bit tricky. But, as Wash. U. students, the thought of a challenge is not intimidating. In fact, if you look […]

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Freshman Press: Life after my massive ‘Lost’ marathon

I really meant to do something with my summer. Instead I ended up with an intense addiction that caused my eyes to burn from prolonged screen exposure.

| Freshman Press Reporter

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