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Author, journalist Masha Gessen discusses Russian politics in Graham Chapel

Russian-American author and journalist Masha Gessen spoke at Graham Chapel about her most recent book, “The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia,” as part of the Student Union Trending Topics lecture series Friday.

| Contributing Reporter

Clery Report shows decrease in arrests, referrals

Washington University’s recent released 2014 Clery Report showed a decrease in arrests and referrals on campus.

| Staff Reporter

Observant Muslim housekeeping staff struggles to find places to pray

Although some practicing Muslim housekeeping staff find space in campus buildings to pray daily, others cannot find sufficient space and do not have time to search elsewhere.

| Staff Reporter

Jilly’s-WU relationship stands in midst of impending lawsuit

Dining Services will continue its partnership with Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Cafe pending a trial against the company and its owner, Jill Segal, recently sued for racial discrimination.

| Staff Reporter

WU daters’ confidence, messaging style ranked highly by OkCupid

According to a recent analysis done by the online dating site OkCupid, Washington University ranks the highest of any other of the top 20 schools in confidence and online dating message quality.

Deborah Spencer | Staff Reporter

Students get ready for 2016 presidential election

As the 2016 presidential election approaches, students are showing support for candidates by registering to vote, joining candidate-focused groups and getting politically informed.

| Staff Reporter

Olin launches Ferguson small business initiative

Olin Business School will launch a new initiative for both undergraduate and graduate students to help small businesses in the coming weeks, partly as a response to the riots that hurt businesses in Ferguson, Mo., last August.

Deborah Spencer | Staff Reporter

Center for Diversity and Inclusion to offer student event funding

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, founded last school year, is launching some new initiatives, including a campaign offering funding for student initiatives with aligning goals.

Deborah Spencer | Staff Reporter

First Year Reading Program adds writing assignment

In an effort to improve the quality of First Year Reading Program (FYRP) discussions, new students had to complete a mandatory writing assignment about the First Year Reading book on Blackboard.

| Staff Reporter

Dining Services looks to Brown School cafe, Eco To-Go for changes next year

With major changes in the makeup of residential life next year due to increasing class sizes, Dining Services will adjust as needed, but has no explicit plans for change.

| Staff Reporter

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