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Free food for all: The best spaces to scavenge

With the honeymoon period of the freshmen First 40 well in the past, it’s time to face the reality that there won’t be a WUSA or random club handing you granola bars and cookies in every alleyway. General body meetings offering free bubble tea to the first 100 attendees are long gone.

New Armour Magazine highlights students’ sartorial expression

armour. make a statement. This is the first thing you will see upon visiting the blog of the newest publication to hit campus, Armour Magazine. Headed by rising seniors Jacob Lenard, Felicia Podberesky and Chantal Strasburger, what started as an online blog has already attracted an impressive number of fans and followers.

Hot Seams: Man Bags

Finding a way to carry all of life’s necessities in a socially acceptable bag can be what separates the men from the boys. Although backpacks are both a safe and popular choice, they lack sophistication and maturity. Unless you’re on your way to the gym or a summer camp for 12-year-olds, leave the drawstring knapsacks at home.

| Fashion Columnist

A conversation with Ron Himes, director of Hairspray

Sporting a newsboy cap and a green pullover, Ron Himes evokes a sense of modesty unexpected of the director of the Wash. U. Performing Arts Department’s production of Hairspray, Broadway’s hugely successful musical sensation, now playing at Edison Theatre.

| Scene Reporter

Thai Pizza Co.

Some culinary marriages were never meant to be. Imagine a pizza crust with a heavy layer of Pad Thai rather than tomato sauce and topped off with a layer of greasy mozzarella cheese. If this sounds appealing, your dreams may have come true; otherwise, you’re likely disgusted.

| Scene Reporter

Scene’s favorite late night eateries

If you’re half-drunk or just seized by midnight munchies, the chef of a diner in the wee hours of the morning can seem worthy of Cordon Bleu honors. Even if you need to remain closer to campus, some of the grub available here can satisfy your gullet. When Scene needed a late-night bite over the weekend, here’s where we turned.

| Scene Staff

Stepping Out: J & W Bakery

In a world in which a greasy box of orange chicken is often mistaken for traditional Asian cuisine, there is a small haven called Olive Boulevard. A 20-minute bus ride will take you to a particular section of Olive Blvd.

| Scene Reporter

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