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Danielle’s ARTicles: ‘Green Varnish’

There are only a few more days left to view “Green Varnish” by Nomad Studio at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM). Closing on Sunday, Sept. 27, this installation is a great farewell to summer 2015. An inscription is poised above the piece in the courtyard of CAM: “We live in denial within vanishing landscapes.”

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Danielle’s ARTicles – ‘World War I: War of Images, Images of War’

The Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum’s new fall exhibition, “World War I: War of Images, Images of War,” introduces an illustrative angle on this portion of history, outlining the visual cultures that were formed around the events of the war. The show was designed architecturally to create an experience that mirrored the order-to-chaos that unfolded—walking through the show was like being strapped into a time machine.

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Danielle’s ARTicles: Review of Alex Prager’s ‘Face in the Crowd’

American artist Alex Prager knows how to capture a character. Her film “Face in the Crowd” (2013), showing now at the Saint Louis Art Museum, pulls at the heartstrings of anyone who has ever felt lonely. Whether it is a divorced grandmother from Long Island pouring her heart out in a dark and secluded room, a quiet Asian man sharing his belief in true love or the famous actress Elizabeth Banks, lost amidst a chaotic sea of strangers, Prager perfectly portrays so many universal human emotions in her frames.

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The Loss of Laskey Landscape

Imagine walking into the Danforth University Center during your first week back on the Washington University campus, only to find that all of the seating—tables, chairs, couches and kiosks—have mysteriously disappeared. That’s exactly how most art and architecture students of the Sam Fox School are feeling this week.

Danielle Leventhal | Contributing Reporter

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