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Art in the Lou: Contemporary art and drone warfare at the Kemper

The Kemper Art Museum’s current special exhibition, “To See Without Being Seen: Contemporary Art and Drone Warfare,” includes pieces from international artists that critique drone warfare. Through the use of videos, photography, online art and installations, the artists share their distressful findings on this secretive practice by our government and military.

| Art Editor

Art in the Lou: ‘Hotline Bling’ at the Kemper

Just yesterday, the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum completed installing its cell phone tour. It was created specifically to broaden accessibility and spread information about all of the art around campus owned by the Kemper (both paintings located indoors and outdoor sculptures).

| Art Editor

Julian Rosefeldt: The man, the myth, the legend

After months of reading about his work and watching the film “American Night” (2009) on my laptop at home through Vimeo, I finally got the chance to sit down with artist Julian Rosefeldt. The Berlin-based contemporary artist, filmmaker and professor visited last Friday to deliver a lecture at Washington University in conjunction with the opening of his exhibition at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum.

| Art Editor

Art in the Lou: Jill Downen inhabits Bruno David Gallery

In 2001, Jill Downen received her Master of Fine Arts from Washington University as a Danforth Scholar, and, since then, her work has focused on the relationship between architecture and the human body through installations, models and drawings. While her current show, “As If You Are Here,” at Bruno David Gallery, still explores themes of the body within constructed spaces, Downen’s newer pieces are shrunken down to dollhouse-size.

| Art Editor

Danielle’s ARTicles: ‘A Decade of Collecting’

To celebrate the acquisition of over 700 works on paper by the Saint Louis Art Museum in the past 10 years, a carefully curated and exciting show entitled “A Decade of Collecting Prints, Drawings and Photographs” is now on view in galleries 234 and 235.

| Staff Writer

Danielle’s ARTicles: Brooding over ‘The Brood’

Last Friday, the seniors majoring in studio art at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts were granted a surprise afternoon field trip to the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM) and received a tour of the current exhibition, “Lisa Yuskavage: The Brood.”

| Staff Reporter

Danielle’s ARTicles: The magical world of Ron Leax

On the top floor of the City Museum sits a studio bursting with natural light, scattered by contraptions built with test tubes, tongs, metal clamps, misshapen organs and twisted, preserved organisms like rabbit fetuses.

| Staff Reporter

Danielle’s ARTicles: St. Louis Modern

Parked inside the gallery space of Saint Louis Art Museum’s (SLAM) newest major exhibition is a black 1954 Chevrolet Corvette. “St. Louis Modern” is written above the automobile in a sleek, streamlined metal lettering that appropriately matches the style of the 150+ midcentury modern objects that fill the gallery space beyond.

| Staff Writer

Danielle’s ARTicles: The Ladd boys are back in town

Steven and William Ladd are back on their stomping grounds, entertaining the Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM) with their playful personalities, boisterous singsong and humorous childhood stories. Their show “Currents 111: Steven and William Ladd: Scouts or Sports?” showcases their new set of works made specifically for this exhibition in their hometown.

| Staff Reporter

Danielle’s ARTicles: ‘Guns in the Hands of Artists’

When guns are placed in the hands of artists, most of them aim towards their viewers’ hearts and minds. At least that’s what the participants in the Des Lee Gallery’s current show, “Guns in the Hands of Artists” did.

| Contributing Reporter

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