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‘The Walking Dead’ back, hopefully to do more than bore

This Sunday, AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” will return from its midseason break of season two. The show follows the exploits of a group of survivors in the post-apocalyptic wasteland ruled by the undead.

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Change the rankings

It was reported on Tuesday that a “senior administrator” at Claremont McKenna College inflated the school’s reported SAT averages in order to increase its placement in the US News and World Report college and university rankings, where Claremont McKenna is currently ranked as the ninth best liberal arts school.

| Senior Forum Editor

We are the 99%, not in Glee Club

Let me start this off by saying that I love “Glee.” Or at least I watch it every week, because I’ve committed myself to it, and I’m entertained by anything. But as I watch each and every episode, and I watch these high school kids go through their struggles, I can’t help but feel bad…for everyone else in McKinley High.

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I will pay higher taxes

On Tuesday, President Obama gave his third State of the Union address, in which he specified the need for more wealth equality in the United States. One solution is to raise taxes on the rich. I understand the hatred for paying taxes as much as any other person (nobody likes his money taken away), but we need to raise taxes on everyone, especially the rich.

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Why Google should have gone dark

If you happened to visit google.com Wednesday (and statistically you did) you might have noticed something different. Google had a black bar over its signature logo in order to protest two bills before Congress at the moment, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA).

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Never forget

Today is World AIDS Day. Every year on Dec. 1, people come together to remember those we have lost and to fight the spread of this terrible pandemic. Many people have lost someone they loved. Don’t ignore them; don’t just let this day go by. AIDS is still a killer; it is still out there, hurting people. You can do more. We all can do more.

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Pizza is not a vegetable

Last week, Congress declared that pizza is a vegetable. It passed the new agricultural spending bill on Tuesday, which stated that the scant amount of tomato paste on a frozen pizza contains enough vegetables to count as a serving in a school lunch.

| Senior Forum Editor

‘Skyrim’ turns dragon slaying into great art

How is it truly possible to describe “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” in a 500-word review? This is a game that has enveloped my life over the past few days, with much more to come. The strategy guide alone is 650 pages. To put a game like “Skyrim” into 500 words is like trying to experience a country by spending a few hours in its airport.

| Cadenza Reporter

Paterno not at fault

The sexual abuse allegations revealed at Penn State University over the past week are sickening. According to a grand jury report, some Penn State officials let an assistant coach molest and rape young boys for more than 10 years. Some of them were fired, and they should have been. They are probably headed to prison.

| Senior Forum Editor

Murder returning to Santa Barbara in new season of ‘Psych’

Last Wednesday marked the return of “Psych,” USA Network’s original comedy about a fake psychic working for the Santa Barbara police department. The show revolves around Shawn Spencer, the pop-culture obsessed son of a former detective. His father taught him amazing observational and reasoning skills, skills that make him an incredible detective.

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