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As some Missouri conservatives denounce Josh Hawley, donors on WU’s Board of Trustees stay silent

Two vice chairs of the Washington University Board of Trustees who donated thousands of dollars to U.S. Senator Josh Hawley’s campaigns have remained silent this week as other top Missouri Republican donors condemned Hawley’s role in last Wednesday’s violent Washington, D.C. riots.

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Snapshots: A snowy night in January

As snow started blanketing Washington University, Student Life ventured out to the East End and beyond to document a snowy night on campus Jan. 24.

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A night with the Pikers: A toast to comedy

The Pikers provided shelter and song on a chilly Jan. 25 night in Graham Chapel. Along with musical numbers, the Pikers showcased a thirty-minute short film centered around their fictional, and often funny, quest to receive SU funding.

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SU passes amendment to merge SU VP of programming and SPB president roles

Student Union Vice President of Programming junior Charlotte Pohl will serve as the new leader of Social Programming Board, effective Nov. 1, as a result of a constitutional amendment passed during the SU special election Sept. 17.

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Campus Life welcomes Delta Chi to campus spring 2020

Campus Life announced the addition of a new fraternity chapter, Delta Chi, at Washington University to fraternity and sorority leaders, Sept. 7.

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