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Technology and coffee

The world fell apart today. It imploded. I could not check my Facebook while waiting in line, distract myself during lecture, or check my email…but really, I just left my phone and computer in my dorm for 24 hours. Throughout the day, I did not check any social media sites or return any texts, calls or emails.

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Stricter gun control needed

In light of the recent shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio, everyone has perfectly clear 20/20 hindsight. The boy needed help and all of his Facebook posts point to his loneliness and depression. People claim that the school should have recognized his troubles earlier on and helped him overcome his issues.

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How to find love with chemistry

So, you somehow managed to land a girlfriend or boyfriend at WashU. This is a real person mind you, dating your textbook is not an option no matter how much it keeps you up at night.

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Shaping your school

Why do you go to college? Why did you choose to come here? Did you hear about the general chemistry lectures and just have to be a part of them? Did you want to dance in Diwali? Did you want to hear the famous speakers or see the beautiful campus?

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Meal plans are unfair to underclassmen

With my absence over Thanksgiving, I now have 178.15 extra meal points. I am not the only one over the recommended level, nor do I have the largest surplus. With the bounty, I can buy myself cookies with my Subway sandwich, a large coffee instead of a small, or I could have those extra points as real money in my pocket.

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