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Winter break music wrap-up

We here at Cadenza have missed you terribly. Without you, we were forced to subject our friends and family to our arts and entertainment shenanigans, and it’s really just not the same. We’re all for making up for lost time, so, in no particular order, here are some of our fave hits and misses of the break.

| Cadenza Music Editor

Emo: The story of a decade

As the decade draws to a close, it’s important to look back and think about our legacy. The 20th century had it all figured out: Hippies in the ’60s, disco in the ’70s, hair metal/aerobics/keeping-the-Spandex-industry-alive in the ’80s, and, finally, grunge and boy bands in the ’90s ruled their respective eras.

| Music Editor

Interview with Bill Cody

Student Life recently caught up with Bill Cody, famed documentarian and Wash. U. alum. His new film about the Atlanta music scene, “We Fun,” was recently screened by KWUR.

| Music Editor

Ghost Stories

From Obama’s first 100 days in office to the release of the much anticipated sequel “Fast & Furious,” 2009 has been notable for many reasons. Yet one of the most memorable aspects of the year thus far has been the fact that people are just dropping like flies. And more dead people means more ghosts. […]

| Cadenza Staff

‘Liebe Ist Für Alle Da’ | Rammstein

Few acts are more polarizing than German metal band Rammstein, back with their sixth studio album. Between the outrageous live shows and offensive lyrics, they’ve garnered die-hard fans and more than a few enemies.

| Music Editor

What to do over Fall Break?

Fall Break is this Friday, and we at Cadenza know what you’re thinking. “I get a whole day off from school? But wait, I don’t have classes on Friday anyway. And I have two midterms next Monday. And a paper due in that other class…

| Cadenza Editors

Music for midterms

Midterms are upon us once again! To keep up your spirits, Cadenza Music Editor Cici Coquillette provides theme songs and encouragement based upon your major.

| Music Editor

W.I.L.D. fall 2009 headliner: Method Man and Redman

Method Man and Redman will descend on campus this Saturday to headline W.I.L.D. The two are childhood friends and have collaborated together on a huge number of projects, working beside artists as varied as Tupac, Limp Bizkit and Xzibit.

| Music Editor

Daisy | Brand New

At the risk of making a terrible band-name pun, Brand New’s latest release, “Daisy,” leads the band in a decidedly new direction. The pop-punk and emo sound that the band became famous for takes a backseat to a new vibe, one that marks a clear evolution from “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me.” […]

PLAY:stl Festival

The PLAY:stl festival is upon us again. Now in its third year, the weekend boasts more than 100 bands on 10 stages. St. Louis’ premier music festival has been steadily growing since its inception in 2007, from 90 bands on seven stages to 99 bands over three days in 2008. The bands are mostly on […]

| Music Editor

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