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Conveniently depending on our cell phones

After a high school career that was generally light in text message communication, I came to college wielding a new Blackberry and no idea how much I would end up using it over the next two years. As soon as I got here, text messages quickly became a primary, and constant, form of communication in my life.

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Forty days

As I am a Catholic (a term which I sometimes use shakily), Lent is usually my favorite time of the Church year. It gives me time to think about what my Catholicism means and my relationship with the man upstairs. But, for now, I want to talk about Lent as something that isn’t necessarily just for Catholics, or Christians.

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What’s the point of the Grammys?

Time will tell if an album holds up better than any award can. The best music, anyway, is a subjective thing to each of us—in the end, it comes down to our preferences and tastes, no matter what an organization tells us is the best album of the year.

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Groupon ad should mandate real activism

These days, it takes a lot for a Super Bowl commercial to offend me.

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Thoughts on a snow day

I like a snow day as much as the next guy—heck, maybe even a little more.

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Prog-Rap and a beautiful, dark, twisted simplicity

Just before winter break, I made a quick stop at Vintage Vinyl to obtain what was hailed by many as the album of 2010: Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Since his debut, “The College Dropout,” I’ve found West to be one of the most interesting (and oddly relatable) figures in hip-hop, and the perfect-score reviews that the album received certainly didn’t curb my interest.

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